A252 Safer Roads Initiative News

Dear Molash Parish

During the summer of 2019 presentations to Molash Parish Council were undertaken providing general information on the package of highway improvement measures being looked at for inclusion as part of the Safer Roads Fund initiative for the A252 between Charing and Chilham.

The design is currently being progressed and here are the Draft outline proposals for the section of the A252 within Molash Parish.

Please find attached Draft Plans indicating the proposals which, it should be stressed, still require finalising of some elements of the detailed design.

Map 11920-EXT-A252-010-03-31Map 21920-EXT-A252-010-03-32Map 31920-EXT-A252-010-03-33

The main areas of change for Molash are:

Reducing the speed limit through the village from 50mph to 40mph

The introduction of a Gateway into the village at both ends

Changes to the traffic direction around the memorial, to avoid traffic accidents

All in all, there are some improvements but I would like these suggestions to be considered:

  1. Church Lane should have 40 mph signs – as per Pound Lane
  2. The A252 entrance into Church Lane definitely needs resurfacing to amend the camber and stop the flooding
  3. Move the Gateway entrance at the Challock end of the village to include Knockwood Lane and the blind bend, where it is positioned at present is past the place where many accidents have happened – as evidenced by the ruined hedgerow – and will hopefully slow down drivers before they hit this blind bend.
  4. Installing of average speed cameras – which I believe can be remotely monitored and would add an extra layer of speed protection and would certainly pay for themselves very rapidly if the level of motorbike use continues.

The intention is to carry out these works within the current financial year so if you do have any other ideas please email them to smwilliams345@gmail.com within the next 7 days.