Molash Housing Development – Local Plan 2030

Housing Development In Molash

A communication from Molash Parish Council.

Ashford Borough Council has published its core strategy which sets out the strategic planning framework for development within the borough. This project is known as the Local Plan 2030.

Between July and September 2013, Ashford Borough Council held a ‘call for sites’ and requested that people send in details of any sites that were available for development. Since the official call for sites ended, they have received a number of further submissions. These have been labeled as ‘Informal’ but were assessed in the same way as the formal. Ashford BC carried out an assessment of each site as part of the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessments (SHELAA). The SHELAA was due to be published in September 2014.  3 sites have been submitted in Molash by landowners/agents. They were:

DN6 – land adjacent to 1 Pound Lane at the woodyard site. 4 – 6 dwellings proposed.

DN7 – land at Church Lane between “Torrance” and “Coppers”. 1- 2 dwellings proposed.

DN 32 – land adjacent to Pound Lane on private road leading to “Oathill”. 12 – 20 dwellings proposed.

All the sites were rejected by Ashford Borough Council

Molash Parish Council

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