PC Minutes 02/16


On Thursday 11th February 2016 @ 7.30pm


 Julia Phebey, Geoff Jenkins, Sarah Williams,  Sheila Gibbins, Tony Dodd

 Also: ABC Councillor Stephen Dehnel

Apologies: None

Also present:  1 member of the public

1. Minutes  

The minutes of the last meeting were previously read and agreed. 

2. Matters arising

Village Green Parking – The final transfer is still in progress

Flooding & Roads –

Email received from Richard Highgate 08 Feb 16, he has viewed the flooding problems – all sites will need further investigation and costing, processes that will all take time.

New pothole appeared at Pontus Farmhouse, JP has reported.

Village boundary a link has been supplied by ABC to view the maps online.

Village Plan –  SD will ascertain from other parishes how they went about formulating their village plans.

3. Planning

No new applications received.

Foodari vehicle movements There is to be a closed meeting (17th February 2016) between Foodari representatives, Laura Paine (ABC Planning) and SD to discuss this problem. SD will request current and predicted trading figures and traffic volumes. SD has asked KCC why Knockwood Lane has not been made fit for purpose. SD has asked ABC for suggested alternative locations for Foodari within the borough.

4. Correspondence

Parish Precept has been applied for and confirmation received back, the level of funding is to remain the same as last year.

Molash FC – Ashford Sunday Morning league are preparing an historical section on their website. They asked for input regarding the victorious Molash league champions team of 1963. GJ to try to source some photos.

An invitation has been received for  a civic church service from the Lord Lieutenant of Kent. Unfortunately, MPC are unable to send a representative.

Contacts details for  BT have been obtained to get updates on the upgrade scheme.

Forester – a list of advertisers has been received from Challock, more information still needed to ascertain the true cost of production.

5. Any other Business

Parish & Urban Forum – at a recent meeting the proposed new J10a of the M20 was discussed. A consultation process has begun.

Transparency Grant – KALC have advised that there is a grant available for smaller councils (of which Molash is one) to assist with the burden of ongoing costs in maintaining the Transparency Code

KALC are offering training for new parish councillors and clerks. JP though this may be of interest.

Chilham Nursing Association. The cheque has been received to enable a defibrillator to be purchased for the village. The order will be placed soon. A letter of thanks will be sent.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday – A party to mark the occasion will be held at the village hall on 11th June 2016

A letter has been received from the RSPCA cattery (Ashford and Tenterden Branch) requesting a donation. It was thought that parish funds should not be used for charitable donations.

The meeting closed at 9.35 pm


Next meeting 10th March 2016 at 7.30pm



Molash website: www.molashpc.kentparishes.gov.uk