PC Minutes 06/15


4TH JUNE 2015 @ 7.30 pm

Attendees:  Julia Phebey, Sarah Williams, Geoff Jenkins, Sheila Gibbins

Apologies: Tony Dodd

Also present:  8 members of the parish

The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Matters Arising                                                                                                         Action

Land Registry:  the title number for the registration

 of the land for the layby is still to be ascertained                                               JP

Recycling: The paper recycling bin has finally been

removed by ABC

Drainage: No response has yet been received from

Andrew Wickham regarding the drainage problems at

Tower Farm, Little Guzzels and Nut Trees.  It was

suggested that he be contacted again (together with

Jennie Wickenden at KCC) to ascertain the current

situation. The flooding that occurs at the junction of A252 and Church Lane also be reported.          

The emergency flood telephone number is 03000 418181                            GJ

Village Plan: There does not appear to be a deadline by which

a village plan is put forward.  It will be discussed at the next meeting how

best to go about formulating a village plan                                                            SW


Howletts Farm, Foodari:  A decision by ABC is still awaited regarding the application by Foodari to discharge Condtion 2 of their retrospective planning approval.  MPC have advised ABC that Foodari have been in breach of Condition 2 (and other condtions) on several occasions. A schedule is being compiled of all the known breaches and ABC are kept updated regularly.        JP

Tarmac has been laid along Knockwood Lane at the four points indicated for the passing bays.  The quality of the bays is questionable and it is feared that they will break up before the end of the year.  KCC have been advised .

Barnacre, Church Lane:  The application for an extension was supported

Other business:

Cherry Trees, Shottenden Lane:  It has been reported that this building may be bigger than was approved on the plans and is perhaps being used as two properties.  ABC to be notifed.                                                                                       JP

Puddleduck  Farm, Shottenden Lane:  Ground work has been started and it has been reported that a possible basement is being installed which has not been approved.  ABC to be advised.

Parish Council Financial Officer:  John Sudworth has agreed to continue in this role

Parish Clerk: The position for a Clerk was advertised in the Forester.  KALC to be contacted regarding salary, contracts etc.                                                 JP

Vegetation:  It was reported that the exit from Church Lane onto the A252 is now dangerous due to the overgrown vegetation obscuring the visibility towards Chilham.  ABC to be advised.                                                                                  JP

Molash Garage Forecourt:  Andrew Wickham is to be contacted again

Regarding funds to improve the garage forecourt and paint cross hatching to discourage parking and thus improve the safety of those trying to exit Church Lane.                                                                                                                                               JP

Electronic Speed Sign:  It was reported that a bough from a tree in the adjoining garden is obscuring the sign. 

Parish meetings:  It was agreed that parish meetings will be held bi-monthly with immediate effect.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm


Next meeting to be held on Thursday 6th August 2015