PC Minutes 10/14


2nd October 2014 @ 7.30pm


 Julia Phebey, Sarah Williams, Ray Loftus

Apologies: Geoff Jenkins, John Sudworth, Cllr D Marriott

Also present: 3 members of the public

1. Minutes  

The minutes of the last meeting (4th September) were read and agreed.  

2. Matters arising

Molash garage – RL reported that he has been in contact with Highways regarding marking the forecourt with “no parking” text and boxing. Highways charge £500.00 for visiting the site and preparing a plan for doing so. RL to speak to garage owner.

Land registration – JP to ascertain from the landowner of the lay-by site the current registration and complete appropriate form to transfer registration to MPC.

Complaint to Planning Dept. ABC – JS to provide a draft for Council to consider.

Chilham Nursing Assoc. – SW informed that Council has to apply to Tessa Wheeler for funds to buy a defibrillator. Current prices are £695.00 per defib plus £450.00 for installation equipment. It is thought that the porch of the village hall will be an appropriate site for the defib. First Responder, Craig Bickers, reports that the current defibs are for use by First Responders and not per parish.

3. Planning

The Boma – original plans have been amended but passed by ABC.

Foodari – Traffic monitoring wires were in place in Knockwood Lane for 2 weeks but have now been removed. Council now awaiting a revised planning application from Foodari. Results from the traffic survey awaited. GJ to apply for same from Highways.

4. Financials

The second and final precept payment has been received from ABC. Preliminary discussion for precept 2015/16 to be made at November meeting.

Agreed to spend approximately £40.00 on plants and compost for the Memorial.

Agreed to buy 2 footpath maps from PROW at cost of £40.00 total.

5. Any Other Business

KALC – RL reported on the KALC meeting he attended on 24th September. *Main item covered was presentation by Damian Green MP who discussed localism. *Joint Transport Board reported that agreement has been reached for the proposed new Junction 10a on the M20 was to be a full junction and not a partial one as first proposed. *Police Inspectors have been given new powers by the PCC to organise their manpower. Inspector Fox from Ashford to be invited to the next KALC meeting.

Bottle banks – ABC have informed Council that the bottle banks situated at the village hall will be removed on the 22nd October. Residents are advised to use their household wheelie bins to recycle glass.

JP to speak to Kevin? at ABC for confirmation of removal of paper and can bins.

Mr Cope from “Trees” attended meeting and advised Council that he will be reinstating the planning application for 2 properties to be built adjacent to “Chapel Lodge” and “Forest View”. Council advised him that he should speak to ABC and Highways before submitting the application.


The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.

Next meeting on Thursday 6th November