PC Minutes 10/15


On Thursday 8th October 2015 @ 7.30pm


 Julia Phebey, Geoff Jenkins, Sarah Williams,  Sheila Gibbins

Apologies: Tony Dodd (also ABC Cllr Stephen Dehnel)

Also present: 4 members of the public

1. Minutes  

The minutes of the last meeting were previously read and agreed. 

2. Matters arising

Village Green Parking – The form to register title is awaiting signature by J Stanford..

Flooding –

Little Guzzels and Nut Trees – KCC confirm works completed although none have been witnessed. The success of these works to be checked after next heavy rain.

Drain at Howletts Farm has silted up.  Reported to KCC 8 months ago. To be followed up. Land owner to clear area so that drain is more visible.

Shottenden Lane – Broken drain – not yet repaired.

Vegetation – Shottenden Lane – High hedge on bend. KCC say not their responsibility and cannot see a site line problem. Landowner (Mr Rosato to be written to request he cuts it back)

Broken Road Sign – Junction Knockwood Lane and Shottenden Lane – Repaired

Parish Clerk – Tina Cobourn appointed and introduced. Councillor’s contact details in The Forester to be removed and replace with PC’s.

Village Plan – The official boundaries of the Village are to be ascertained.

3. Planning

No new applications received.

Ongoing discussion re Puddleduck development, possibly not as granted. ABC have been contacted by 3 individuals about this.

Foodari vehicle movements – JP and SW met with ABC planner and Enforcement Officer, awaiting results from ABC.

4. Any other Business

The parish meetings are to revert to monthly with effect from January 2016.

Electronic Road sign – KCC say they are not responsible for cutting back hedges on private land.

Joan Elsden – is leaving the village after 40+ years. MPC to donate £100 to add to the Gardeners Club contribution to purchase a leaving present – Possibly a painting of her house.

Bank Account – Councillors to meet at HSBC with ID, at a mutually convenient time.

Broadband Speed – Challock village have secured an exchange upgrade to improve speed, this is not available to Molash. Contact Challock to get details of how they achieved this.

Defibrillator – SW has secured funds from Chilham Nursing Association.

Calendar 2016 – SW to produce. Theme – seasonal drawings supplied by village children.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Next meeting on  10th December 2015


Molash website: www.molashpc.kentparishes.gov.uk