PC Minutes 12/15


On Thursday 10th December 2015 @ 7.30pm


 Julia Phebey, Geoff Jenkins,  Sarah Williams,  Sheila Gibbins, Tony Dodd

Apologies: ABC Cllr Stephen Dehnel

Also present:  none

1. Minutes  

The minutes of the last meeting were previously read and agreed. 

2. Matters arising

Village Green Parking – Form sent to Land Registry, another to complete re permission from Mortgage company. To be forwarded to J Stanford

Flooding –

Four councillors met with a representative from KCC Highways for a drive round the parish to show him the extent of the problems with our roads. Many problems concerned flooding issues, which he would convey to the correct department. All problems had already been reported. TD requested two more blocked gullies be logged on the KCC system. Ray Loftus has cleared the gulley into the pond adjacent to the A252.

Vegetation – Shottenden Lane – The landowners have now cut back the hedge as requested.

Village Plan – The official boundaries of the Village are to be ascertained. Request information from ABC

3. Planning

No new applications received.

Foodari vehicle movements – No response from ABC re the breaches in the terms of their planning permission.

Wells Cottages – application for change of use on part of garden was approved.

4. Correspondence

Letter to Mr Rosato requesting hedge cutting on Shottenden Lane

Highways Survey – completed and emailed

Insurance renewal quotes – existing provider was cheapest

Parish Precepts – Application to be received at ABD by 22 Jan 16. PC to request details from Treasurer

Parish Caretaker Scheme – ABC will only contribute to parishes an amount consistent with current level of expenditure with themselves for services provided. MPC only pay for the closed churchyard to be mowed.

5. Any other Business

No money received as yet from Chilham Nursing Association

Parish Forum – TD attended, nothing discussed was applicable to Molash. Next meeting 27th January 2016

Local Plan – only four parishes responded. ABC to resend forms, to be completed by 16th Jabuary 2016

Joan Elsden – Ray Loftus popped in to show the council the painting commissioned for Joan.

Broadband Speed – Challock village have secured an exchange upgrade to improve speed, this is not available to Molash. Contact Challock to get details of how they achieved this.

Calendar 2016 – Due to possible advertisers being approached to assist with the cost of the production of the Village Cook Book, it was decided not to do a calendar this year.


The meeting closed at 9.00 pm

Next meeting on  14th January 2016 at 7.30pm