Highway Issues

This page holds information regarding issues/problems/information concerning KCC Highways in Molash and environs.


Knockwood Lane closure


Have you noticed just how dirty most road signs are in the Molash/Challock/Chilham areas to name but a few?? Have a look at name signs, speed signs, direction signs etc and you will find various degrees of poor maintenance and neglect. Some are covered in dirt or algae making them very difficult to read and certainly give the impression that Kent is no longer the beautiful county it once was.

What do tourists and holidaymakers think of the dirty signs? What do you as a local think of them? What does the neglect say about the villages and villagers??

The signage problem is made even worse when hedges/trees block the signs rendering them invisible and useless.

KCC Highways is the department that has responsibilty for maintaining the various signs throughout the county, including your village. The Ashford depot was approached recently with a request to clean the signs but their response was very unhelpful. They state that the signs are inspected regularly and cleaned when necessary! No, this does not happen in reality!!! They must send Stevie Wonder to inspect them ………………

So what can you do to get Highways to clean and clear the signs?

Email your local Parish Council requesting they chase them – Report the dirty signs to KCC on their website direct – Email KCC Councillor direct requesting their involvement, Andrew.Wickham@kent.gov

Or alternatively, just ignore the problem and be content with the very dirty signs.