Molash Village Green

Molash Village Green alongside the A252 main road. The Green is triangular in shape with a War Memorial placed upon it. A village sign was erected in May 2009 to represent “a meeting under the ash tree” as denoted in the name Molash.

On Remembrance Sunday a small service is conducted here by the Vicar to commemorate the fallen villagers in the two World Wars . The memorial has been refurbished by removing the old railings and building a small planting wall with red roses planted in it.

In 2007 extensive work was undertaken to repair damage to the Village Green’s surface caused by HGV’s driving onto the Green when exiting Pound Lane. The work has now strenghtened the surface and it should withstand any further infringements. Daffodil bulbs have also been planted at the corners of the Green and around the War Memorial in an effort to make the Green more attractive and provide a welcome splash of colour in Springtime.

The Parish Council placed a wooden bench on the Green in 2014 for walkers/cyclists to take a breather. A second bench was donated by a local resident in honour of her mother who lived in the village for many years.

The benches are in situ and looking grand. Cyclists munching their marmite sandwiches have been spotted using them!