PC Minutes 03/16


On Thursday 10th March 2016 @ 7.30pm


 Julia Phebey, Geoff Jenkins, Sarah Williams, Sheila Gibbins, Tony Dodd


Apologies: ABC Councillor Stephen Dehnel

Also present:  1 member of the public

1. Minutes  

The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed. 

2. Matters arising

Village Green Parking – PC to visit Jim Stanford to assist with preparation of the forms.

Flooding & Roads –

KCC website says “works completed” in Knockwood Lane, at Nut Trees and Little Guzzels – this situation to be monitored. Works also completed at Withersdane, appears to be a reasonable standard, residents happy.

Speed sign – vegetation obscuring this has been cut back

Rosemead (gatepost loosened by flood water), case still under investigation.

3. Planning

No new applications received.

Foodari are to submit a new application within 4-6 weeks from date of meeting with SD and ABC (meeting 17th February – deadline 16th-30th March). SD requested MPC comments to add to this application detailing what level of traffic is acceptable. MPC voted unanimously to purchase another camera to monitor current traffic volumes.

4. Correspondence

KALC conferences – 14th June (Clerks) and 7th July (Councillors).

Parish and Urban Forum – minutes of the meeting on 27th January 2016 have been received.

Planning Committee ABC – next meeting 16th March 2016

5. Any other Business

There has been an enquiry concerning the works being carried out at Harbour Farm – advised all within current permissions. A check will be carried out to find out what permissions have been obtained at Maple Barn (next door).

Molash FC – GJ still gathering information

Seetech Ltd, Chatham – agency for community service labour. GJ to enquire into the possibility of clearing the church yard.

Queens 90th Birthday celebrations – 11 June 16. Many suggestions were muted for activities to occupy the whole family. A quick questionnaire will be circulated to the Forester distributors, to gauge interest from the parishioners for the event and proposed format.


The meeting closed at 9.35 pm

Next meeting 14th April 2016 at 7.30pm

Molash website: www.molashpc.kentparishes.gov.uk